#32 NDIS6 driver support for ndiswrapper please

Overlord Laharl

Hi, i would like to thank the devs here for allowing us the ease of using windows wireless drivers for linux.

however, i would like to make a request for a certain feature.

It is understandable why ndiswrapper currently only supports XP drivers and older: at that time, Vista was buggy, and XP still had a very loyal following, hence there were lots of drivers written for XP.

However, now that Vista is fixed up and stable, and more drivers are moving to the Vista driver architecture, i would like to request the devs at ndiswrapper implement ndis6 (Vista) WLAN driver support, especially because of the following reasons which i have observed:

  • like said before, more hardware manufacturers are moving to the VIsta driver architecture.
  • more importantly, a good majority of x64 WLAN drivers are NDIS6 only, which means that users of x64 copies of Linux have no chance of using ndiswrapper to get their wireless adaptors working on linux, since the linux kernel still does not have a decent level of support for wlan devices.

I hope my request will be considered,



  • I just wanted to emphasise, this problem will only contintue to become more serious, as extended Windows XP support is scheduled to end on April 8, 2014. Not to mention with the extremely popular Windows 7 taking so much market share, NDIS6 style drivers have become the priority developed drivers. Also wanted to mention, Apparently NDIS 6 offers an optional monitoring mode API for client drivers.