iwlist scan gives no result after iwconfig

  • Hi all,

    I'm using ndiswrapper 1.1 + vanilla kernel + wireless-tools 27 on my notebook ECS A530 with Prism3 Wireless 802.11b USB Adapter. Everything seems to work fine except wlan scanning gives no results after iwconfig is called. This means the following:

    modprobe ndiswrapper

    iwlist wlan0 scan

    Scanning complete
    Cell 01: <several lines of data>

    iwconfig wlan0 essid <ESSID> key <KEY>

    All ok, I'm now connected to the network

    iwlist wlan0 scan

    wlan0: no scan results

    It does not seem to be driver's fault since everything is ok under Windows (I use custom WLAN tool to list SSID). Drivers on my CDs are the same as recommended from WiKi. Any help would be gretly appreciated.

    P.S. I've also tried to use ndiswrapper 1.2rc1 but it tends to crash my kernel after minute or so...