Wireless PCI Card: TRENDnet TEW-643PI = Realtek RTL8190

  • bejant

    This post is for anyone having trouble getting the subject cards to work.

    An old Dell Dimension with no documentation or CD's and only had XP on it until I added Ubuntu 12.04.
    XP Device Manager reported the hardware as:
    "TRENDnet TEW-643PI PCI Adapter", and driver details as:

    "Realtek RTL-8190 802.11n Wireless LAN (Mini-) PCI NIC" with driver
    1680.4.307.2010 dated 3/7/2010.

    I initially tried unsuccessfully to install the drivers using ndiswrapper downloaded using Ubuntu Software Center. From this thread (post #2) I learned ndiswrapper was broken, so I followed the instructions and compiled it myself.

    Some things mentioned in that post such as ndisgtk were not available so I just used what the Software Center would download.

    After installing, rebooted the PC and it worked fine.

    To have my passphrase remembered in Ubuntu I had to use "Connect to hidden network" (or something with similar wording) from the upper right of the screen.

    Maybe this will save somebody else a little aggravation...

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