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Ndiswrapper does not work with 32 bit drivers

wah fun
  • wah fun
    wah fun

    I think I have an unusual problem. I could not get Ndiswrapper to work in
    ubuntu 9.04 32 bit so I tried the 64 bit version and voila! it works. So, out
    of curiosity, I tried ndiswrapper with several other 32 bit distros and it
    didn't work with them either. Specifically, even though ndiswrapper would
    install the 32 bit drivers and recognize the usb network adapter, it would
    never connect to the router. I blacklisted the Staging rt2870 driver that
    comes with ubuntu, as well as bw43, bw43legacy and rt2x00usb. (i tried it with
    blacklisting these drivers and not blacklisting them.) I can't seem to find
    anything on google that specifically addresses this problem.

    Here's my setup:
    3 GB ram, 2Ghz dual core AMD64 processor
    Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless Router
    Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless USB Network Adapter (F6D4050 and uses the rt2870
    Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit (I also tried 9.10 32 bit with same result)

    I am no longer a complete noob but still need help when I run into unusual
    problems like this. So, if anyone has an idea, I would appreciate knowing it.