HELP: WUSB54GS and Fedora Core 3

  • wjp3

    Hello All,

    Hopefully my issues are similar to others. I've search this forum, and Googled but I still come up empty.

    First Issue:

    I have a Linksus USB adapter - WUSB54GS. This version has Speedbooster. There is a non-Speedbooster version that is WUSB54G. The supported list only details the non-Speedbooster adapter - but I've found one other person on this list that is using the WUSB54GS - I wanted to know how. When you download the drivers - you don't have an .INF in the driver directory.


    In the meantime, I've gotten the WUSB54G drivers, compiled the latest ndiswrapper, and successfully loaded the 'wusb54g' driver - hardware even located.

    My next issue is that I have no 'wlan0' once I modprobe the ndiswrapper. Outside of the driver-discrepancy - I have no issues up until this point. My network setup only shows eth0 - my wired network connection.

    The wireless-tools package is up to date. I'm not sure where to go from here.

    In summary:

    Issue 1 - How do I use the WUSB54GS driver without an .INF file?

    Issue 2 - (This may be resolved if Issue 1 is really an issue) How do I get wlan0 to "initiate"?