Bad EIP address Kernel Panic Mandrake 10

  • Hello,

    OS: Mandrake 10.0
    Kernel: 2.6.3-4mdk
    W: EP-9428-g

    ndiswrapper: 0.10

    1. modprobe ndiswrapper results Kernel Panic with dump.
    Sometimes it doesnt. But it does whenever an AP is present.
    Bad EIP address is the summary for the dump.

    Help needed:
    Whenever I can load the ndiswrapper module.
    I can try
    iwconfig wlan0 ESSID=linksys
    then I can even connect to the AP.

    1. Can you give an advice about the Kernel Panic
    2. Can you advice me for documents about wlan configuration. I guess eth0 is used to route an IP, so I cannot connect through the wireless although I could load the ndiswrapper..