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bcm4311 with elive

  • munguanaweza

    I am trying to get the wireless to work on Elive with Ndiswrapper. Here are the details:

    Broadcom Corporation Dell wireless 1390 Wlan Mini PCI card 4311 (rev01)

    Ndiswrapper 1.50-1

    Kernel 2.6.18

    Current stable Elive distro

    driver uses bcmwl5.inf file

    When I try to use ndiswrapper to power the wireless card, the card light indicates its working (turns blue from orange) and I can receive the networks Essid's in my neighborhood when I scan for networks using wifi-wiz, or the wlan configuration tool included in Elive. However, I receive a message in terminal "unable to connect, device not recognized."

    I downloaded this driver with the bcmwl5.inf file a couple of years ago and used it in Opensuse 10.2 and 10.3 with no problems. It had the same problem with it in Opensuse 11.1 that I have described in Elive, and never could find a way to make it work. I tried to find a link to the driver but can only find the vista driver with the bcmwl6.inf file, which doesn't work.

    I say in advance I appreciate the help which I hope will allow me to get the wireless working with ndiswrapper.