ndiswrapper/D-Link WUA-2340 break ubuntu10.10

  • Six3

    ndiswrapper appears to be breaking my Ubuntu 10.10 install

    I installed Windows Wireless Drivers from Ubuntu's software center. It also
    installed ndiswrapper-common, and ndiswrapper-utils-1.9.

    I have a D-Link WUA-2340 usb wifi card. I downloaded drivers from d-link's
    website. I extracted the files for the most recent drivers, 150, or 1.50 --
    i'm not sure -- and placed them on a folder in my desktop.

    I opened windows wireless drivers and pointed it at the .inf file in
    desktop/drivers/wua2340_drivers_150/WinXP_2K. the file is netA5AGU.inf

    When I hit install, an error popped up. Something like, "Module could not be
    loaded: error was" and it didn't tell me what the error was.

    Now, when I try to open windows wireless drivers it freezes immediately and
    gives me a blank screen. I also notice that the command lsusb does not work in
    the terminal -- it just hangs. It worked immediately before the install.

    What's the deal? The driver is supported according to the ndiswrapper
    documentation: http://bit.ly/h1kiNY

    Any help would be appreciated! I don't want to buy another card.