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ndiswrapper + connection tracking (netfilter)

  • Angel Tsankov
    Angel Tsankov

    Has anyone tried ndiswrapper 1.55 on a recent kernel ( with
    connection tracking enabled? When I re-build the kernel ( or
    -- does not matter which one) and restart the machine (so that the changes
    take effect) I cannot ping by air. On the contrary, ping by cable works. When
    I remove connection tracking (and restart again), ping by air is OK.


  • 2009-11-15

    I am also having a problem with newer kernels (2.6.30+) - ndiswrapper module
    compiles and loads successfully, but as soon as I run `iwconfig wlan0 ...' the
    system hangs. Could these be related?

  • kayman04

    Just an FYI, no problems here. I'm running with ndiswrapper version
    1.55 and it works like a charm.