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Belkin F5D8051 (N1 USB) 64bit?

  • Hi there,

    I have a Belkin Wireless N USB Stick (F5D8051) which works fine under Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit) mode on AMD64.

    Problem: Belkin delivers either Vista drivers (which cannot be used with ndiswrapper) or a special "Driver installer" for XP. On a 32-bit XP it unpacks a 32-bit driver. But this dammned installer does not unpack 64-bit drivers, when not run under XP-64 (which I do not have).

    Belkin support seems to be dumb: "Thank you for your question. Please download thingamagic.exe at www...." No chance to get into contact with the developers to get the driver instead of the installer. No chance to explain, that an installer is not a driver.

    Is anybody out there who was able to extract the 64-bit XP drivers?