Please, help a noob

  • Matras

    Hi, i have a problem using NDISWrapper 1.1. in fact its not a problem, just a question.
    i am using RedHat EL AS v.4
    i've installed NDIS, wrote ESSID, KEY and got link with my AP(when used iwconfig it listed MAC of AP).
    So here is my question: what to do next? i make "ifconfig wlan0 up" but then i cant ping my AP( it writes that host is not reachable.
    Then i though that i am just to create a new network connection, but i couldnt find my wlan0 in the list
    May be i am to cahnge IP?
    System: kernel 2.6.9-5EL;
    D-Link G650+
    Please suggest anything

    P.S Sorry for my English