Latest ndiswrapper-svn causes major slowdown

Annie Coke
  • Annie Coke
    Annie Coke

    I have the latest ndiswrapper as pulled from svn about an hour ago compiled
    against vanilla kernel on a gentoo box. Hardware is an Intel Core2
    Quad CPU Q9550 and a Trendnet TEW-643PI wireless card (Realtek 8190 chipset).
    I have the correct drivers for 64-bit Windows XP, and ndiswrapper installs
    them without a hitch, but ifconfig wlan0 up causes a not-quite system hang.
    One CPU core is stuck at 100%, load averages go berserk and the whole system
    slows down to a snail's pace.

    Does ndiswrapper have documented problems with multi-core systems? Or is there
    something else going on here?