Compiling under kernel 2.6.32

  • farge

    Some people (myself included) have had issues compiling ndiswrapper under
    kernels 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 due to an error about an "implicit declaration of
    function 'cmpxchg8b'" in ntoskernel.h.

    The declaration of the function 'cmpxchg8b' occurs within an if...endif
    statement between lines 878 and 890 of ntoskernel.h. Changing the value of
    KERNEL_VERSION in this if statement to a version above your current operating
    kernel allows ndiswrapper to compile. However, I have found that
    removing/commenting out the if and endif lines (just lines 878 and 890) also
    enables ndiswrapper to be compiled, and would not have to be changed with
    every kernel update. Does this if...endif statement serve any purpose that
    would warrant keeping it as is?

  • pol hallen
    pol hallen

    Hi and thanks, I tried your way to compile ndis1.55 to kernel but I'v
    same error message:
    error: implicit declaration of function ‘cmpxchg8b’

    can U send me your ntoskernel.h file?

    thanks! :)