How to - Make - ndiswrapper 1.55 KBUILD

  • First post here (newbie with ndiswrapper)...

    Just trying to make ndiswrapper 1.55 on old computer (PC xTreme 7862i Pentium
    III 128 Mo RAM with Mandrake Linux PowerPack 10.1 linux kernel

    I falled on error given in annotation Makefile SVN code:
    Makefile:51 *** no config found in , please set KBUILD to configured kernel

    From annotations Makefile SVN code, I guess right solution to make product
    (like for realease 1.47 when 'uname -r' was used by makefile to guess kernel

    Then after installing mdk package of kernel sources:

    • uname -r
    • export KBUILD="/lib/modules/"
    • export KSRC='/lib/modules/"
    • make
  • Georg Schild
    Georg Schild

    You won't have much fun with linux 2.6.8, ndiswrapper 1.55 needs at least

  • OK. thanks for information
    But I don't want to upgrade kernel now (I tried before with ubuntu 9
    server...when other requirements appear: more RAM).