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NConf - Enterprise Nagios configurator / News: Recent posts

5th anniversary of NConf

5 years of NConf, 130'000+ downloads! Check out our redesigned website on

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2014-03-05

Happy 4th birthday, NConf!

Looking back on 4 releases and 100'000+ downloads!

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2013-03-05

NConf 1.3 released!

After 2 years of development, we proudly present you the long awaited next release of NConf! NConf made a huge step forward and a lot has changed, including the following features. We hope you enjoy them too…

New Features

New user interface based on jQuery
service to hostgroup assignment through advanced-services
host- & service-dependencies, auto-generated service dependencies
new configuration deployment (SCP, rsync, HTTPs, local deployment)
improved CSV import / export
extended perl-API
and more...

Posted by Fabian Gander 2011-12-11

NConf support forum has moved

The new forum can be found here:

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2010-04-01

Happy Birthday “NConf”

After only 1 year of existence, the NConf project can already look back on many great achievements:

- 20'000 downloads on SourceForge
- 3 substantial software releases
- an active community and forum
- multiple contributions to the software
- conference and media coverage
- and more…

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2010-03-11

NConf 1.2.6 released

The long-awaited next version of NConf is now finally available for download!

Among numerous improvements and bugfixes, the new release offers the following new functionality:

- Improved GUI usability, smarter search-filters and forms
- Service templates
- Host templates (real, Nagios templates)
- CSV config importer
- Expanded database API
- Various implemented user-requests
- New web-portal for support & reference

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2009-11-25

NConf 1.2.6 announced

We are proud to announce that NConf 1.2.6 is to be released next week.

The main features of release 1.2.6 are:
- Numerous bugfixes
- Improved GUI usability, smarter search-filters and forms
- Assign service-templates to services
- Assign host-templates to hosts (new type of host-templates)
- Assign host- & service-templates to timeperiods, collector- & monitor-servers
- Import configuration from CSV files
- Extended database API
- New web-portal for support & reference

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2009-11-13

NConf 1.2.5 released

The new version of NConf is out!

Among many improvements and fixes, the main new features are:

- clone services between hosts
- host dependency view
- static file editor
- Nagios config importer (BETA)
- database API (BETA)

Posted by Fabian Gander 2009-06-12

NConf 1.2.5 announced

We are proud to announce the next version of NConf to be released within the next 2 weeks.

A preview of key new features can be found here:

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2009-05-26

NConf 1.2.5 preview

We have published some screenshots of new features in the next release.
Check it out in our forum!
1.2.5 will be released in 2 - 3 weeks

Posted by Fabian Gander 2009-05-08

NConf 1.2.4 released

This is the very first official release of NConf. Download now!

Posted by A. Gargiulo 2009-03-05