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concatenating files

  • Ben

    I'm wondering if the following is possible. I need to concatenate a bunch of netcdf files at different times, otherwise they have the same data. The files have 1 time per file and I can not modify them. The time dimension was created as a fixed length variable. Thus to use ncrcat to merge the different times I need to one by one make a copy of the files where I have made time a record dimension, then call ncrcat. Is there anyway I can use ncecat to merge these files if a manner similar to ncrcat to avoid have to make a copy of every file I want to merge.

  • Charlie Zender
    Charlie Zender

    Yes. Something like this should do the trick:

    ncecat -u new_time in*.nc out.nc
    ncwa -a time out.nc out.nc
    ncrename -d new_time,time out.nc out.nc

    This only works as intended when time is a degenerate (size 1) dimension in each input file to ncecat.