Windows binary installation error

  • Hi, I want to install NCO (4.3.6) in a Windows XP machine (2002; SP3). - I know, not ideal but its what I have
    I get an error during installation:

    IPersistFile::Save Failed; code 0x080005005

    I tried a bat file with a sample command:

    % ncks -O -o ~/ -C -H -v one -l /tmp \
    % ncks -H -v one ~/

    then I get an error that it can't find nc_open, so I also tried installing the NetCDF and OpenDap libraries separately.

    I appreciate any suggestions!

  • Pedro Vicente
    Pedro Vicente

    You can ignore the installation error message.

    Regarding the ncks command, keep in mind that you are running in Windows, so the syntax has to be done accordingly

    I tried

    ncks -O -o -C -H -v one  -p

    and it generated the output file

    I uploaded a new binary installation, that does not depend on any dependency library (like HDF5) in DLL format.

    Regarding the NCO library dependencies, all are build statically into the NCO executables, so you do not have to install anything (like netCDF and OpenDap)


  • Thank you for your quick and helpful reply!