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Native Windows binary without DAP support?

  • Charlie,
    I just noticed the Microsoft Windows native build binary, and with breathless excitement, downloaded it and tried it out on an OPeNDAP dataset.   No go.    Was this compiled without DAP support?  The Microsoft Windows cygwin build binary continues to work just fine.

    Here's a test:
    ncks -M http://geoport.whoi.edu/thredds/dodsC/bathy/adria15

  • Pedro Vicente
    Pedro Vicente

    The  native Microsoft Windows built was done using Microsoft Visual Studio and it is lacking 3 features at this time

    1) OPeNDAP
    2) UDUnits
    3) Regular expressions

    There are plans to support all of these in a future release

    The OPeNDAP feature probably will be available soon, since there is a WIN32 port for it, unlike the other 2 external libraries (UDUnits and regular expressions)



  • Pedro,
    You mention the winPort at Opendap.org, but aren't you building NCO with the Unidata C library to get OPeNDAP support? 
    There are Native Windows builds on this page:
    that have NetCDF-4, HDF5 and DAP support.


  • actually, I guess they are not quite native builds (built with MinGW), but the libraries were tested with Visual Studio 2010.

  • Pedro Vicente
    Pedro Vicente

    We used a netCDF version specially made with Visual Studio 2010, as well as ANTLR and HDF5 versions, that are available here


    It was straightforward to build netCDF 4.2.0 with Visual Studio 2010, so I will build a new version using the latest and OpenDAP