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Import multiple assemblies into one diagram?


  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to import multiple assemblies into one diagram and have the relationships between their types be properly created? The best I've been able to do is import each assembly as a separate diagram, copy-paste the results into a single diagram, and recreate the cross-assembly relationships. Is there a better way?

    I tried using ILMerge from Microsoft Reasearch, but I'm not having much luck.

    For my current project I have the source code and can rebuild everything into a single assembly, but that's not an ideal solution.

    Thanks for any tips.


  • Anonymous

    Aha, managed to get ILMerge working after reading this stack overflow answer.

    ILMerge can be found here.

    I'd still love to see NClass support for multiple assemblies - drag-drop assemblies onto the canvas would be great, or Plugins > import into current diagram.