ncid-applet 0.7 released

This ncid-applet release adds a new feature along with code improvements.

Outgoing calls detection was changed to work with NCID version 0.81 and later.

Call Hangups window was added.

Changed panel display to display either:
CID: <incoming call>
OUT: <outgoing call>
HUP: <call hangup>
MSG: <message>

Call type detection and processing was improved.

The built-in help was updated for the new hangup feature.

There are no install packages for ncid-applet or gnocl. Both must be installed or removed using scripts in the distributions. In addition, gnocl will probably need to be compiled, see for details.

You can help this project by requesting or adding a new feature, identifying or fixing a problem, improving the documentation, or improving the icons.

You can also help the gnocl project by reporting any compile or install problems with your Operating System.

See the feature list, release notes and screen shots at The applet requires NCID, tcl, Gnome, and gnocl.

The NCID project is located at

Posted by John L. Chmielewski 2011-06-07