ncid-applet 0.5 released

This is the first general release for ncid-applet. It is a Gnome applet for a NCID (Network Caller ID) client. The applet displays the Caller ID of a phone call in the panel. When a call is received, the panel icon will flash. and a configurable popup will display and play a ringtone. There are separate windows for previous calls and messages. There is a window to send a message to all NCID clients, and there are preference windows to configure the applet.

See the feature list, release notes and screen shots at The applet requires NCID, tcl, Gnome, and gnocl.

There are no install packages for ncid-applet or gnocl. Both must be installed using scripts in the source distributions. In addition, gnocl must be compiled, see for details.

You can help the project, for example: requesting or adding a new feature, identifying or fixing a problem, improving the documentation, or improving the icons.

The NCID project is located at

Posted by John L. Chmielewski 2010-08-10