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NCID 0.77 Released

This NCID (Network Caller ID) release continues with fixes, improvements, a new server feature, and a new client output module.

The new feature for NCID is the ability to work with modems or systems that do not support Caller ID. This feature depends on the modem providing ring indication. NCID will indicate calls, but if no Caller ID is reveived, it will indicate "RING" for the number and "No Caller ID" for the name. If the modem drops out of the Caller ID mode for any reason, NCID will will flag a new call as "No Caller ID". The complete list of features is at http://ncid.sourceforge.net/ncid/ncid.html

The new ncid-initmodem client module will signal ncidd to reinitialize the modem if the server indicates a call with no Caller ID. This module should only be used for modems that drop out of the Caller ID mode. Some TiVo's seem to have this problem. A list and short decscription of all client output modules is at http://ncid.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/man2html/man?ncidmodules.1

The release notes are at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ncid/files/ncid/0.77/ReleaseNotes.txt/view

The project home page is at http://ncid.sourceforge.net

Posted by John L. Chmielewski 2010-04-17