#18 Needs, issues, etc.


First of all good work to all the developers.
I was pointed to this project from GPS Viking.
I use Viking all the time, and wanted a Windows Mobile Version. Someone pointed me here.
My first impressions of your little bit.
Your trying to over simplify things.
This needs a few things to make it so average user can install it and configure it.
There needs to be a configuration option that edits the navit.xml file.
205k of configuration file, most are not going to push through that except a dedicated
Your homepage need to advertise that Nav-it can use OSM MAPS, Garmin img files, etc.
It took me 10 minutes of reading and different pages before I actually found maps.
So I downloaded the OSM for my State (Arkansas USA) and when I try to search for my
own address, it goes from US flag icon input town, but no state, then when I get to Street,
the enter/checkmark icon is missing so you can't even input the street name

I know its only 0.2.x version so thesee are just issues that need to be worked out.

I use a GPS with a motorcycle and there is thousands more like me, we like to make
tracks from our gps and share our trips on-line, The ability to export gpx files is high
on the list of things, there is others that travel around the world and the using OSM maps
is a great thing for them.

Just my first thoughts.
I don't think its ready for me to try on my gps since I can't even get to my osm map
on my pc.