How to hide the POIS from the map

  • Risto Ranta
    Risto Ranta

    Is there a tool to hide the POI icons from the display ? (like busstops, schools, bars etc)
    They are hiding details of the base map.
    Is there a way to build an on-screen icon like the Compass to hide the POI icons and get them back

  • Offliner

    Most time I also liked to see less POIs.
    I managed it using the menue-point LAYOUT.
    I copied the DAY-layout and generated a WITHPOI_DAY-Layout.
    In the normal Day-layout I deleted most (not all) entries in
    <layer name="POI Labels">  
    <layer name="POI Symbols">
    In this way I see normally only some POIs, but by switching the layout (in the menue) I am able to see all POIs.
    Perhaps there is a more elegant way to achieve it, but I am a Navit-beginner.


  • Anonymous

    on Android its easy to hide the POIs:
    click the menu-button from the phone and then you can hide the POIs. see this screenshot:

    normaly navit looks like this:
    without POIs it looks like this:

  • Stefan

    Hello together,
    I use / config Navit for a couple of days.
    I used to hide POI icons via the navit.xml.
    I just moved POIs from different levels to another. I need e.g. camping in highest level and don't need airports in it.
    You can also delete it or put in:

    <!- "POI" ->  

    the "Stevie"