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Naufrago! / News: Recent posts

Naufrago 0.4 released

Plus to the 0.4 roadmap, the following has also been added:

- FIX: Items of some feeds were shown as an exceprt, now show complete.
- NEW: Proxy funcionality integrated (thanks Niels).
- FIX: Added an alternative way to retrieve feed favicons.
- IMPROVED: X button minimizes to tray instead of quitting.

Hope you enjoy!

Posted by jors 2012-02-18

Naufrago! 0.4 release closed

Naufrago! 0.4 release closed. Install & application operation tests pending. Stay tunned next few weeks!

Posted by jors 2012-01-30

Development goes on

Developer's health issue has been fixed, so the development process goes on :)

Aside from the announced changes for next (0.4) version, a contributor (thanks Niels) added a few. Stay tunned.

Posted by jors 2011-10-27

Development is on standby

Due to a developer's health issue, the project's development process is on standby since a month ago. Will let you know once I am back again. Sorry for the inconveniences & thanks for understanding.

Posted by jors 2011-06-13

Naufrago! 0.4 roadmap

Here we go again!

- Application identifyer (its own User-Agent) + version (improvement).
- Code cleaning process courtesy of pychecker and pylint (improvement).
- Instant hiding of the read entries/articles when the "hide read entries" option is enabled (improvement).
- Fix for the problem that caused uncategorized feeds (in an .opml) not being imported.
- Fix for the notification message (pynotify) not being localizado/gettexted.
- Fix for the images that could not be downloaded in a round, to retry in the next one.
- Clear mode: new visualization and operating mode that only shows feeds with pending unread items/entries (new).
- Toolbar button to mark EVERYTHING as read (new).
- Download of the contents where entries/articles point to. That's a step forward in the offline field (new).... read more

Posted by jors 2011-04-12

Naufrago! 0.3 release

Hi there folks,

Finally I decided to release the 0.3 version. I did publish the roadmap here a while ago (you can find it here:\), and apart I added a couple of things.

This is the addendum list:

- The number of unread entries on 'Unread' special folder has been fixed.
- Now the launching script logs errors in order to try to identify app issues.
- Automatic online version checker feature (manual launch is also possible).
- Important rework in the way feeds are stored to avoid repeated entries (happens with some feeds with bad date field or bad date parsing).
- Locale english fallback when no supported locale is found.
- Documentation update.... read more

Posted by jors 2010-12-31

Naufrago! 0.3 roadmap

Here we go!

- Application stabilization avoiding race conditions caused by insertion/modification queries against SQLite (by thread blocking).
- Chance of ordering by important column.
- Fix to show/hide read entries (shown in real time).
- Chance of hiding date column (to see more post title, if it is long).
- Chance of canceling ongoing feed updates (via both a button on the toolbar and an option on the in the trayicon menu).
- Mark/unmark categories in bold whether the contain unread/read feed entries, respectively.
- Checking and warning messages when required modules are not present/detectable (for a better dependency check).
- Added double click or pressing return to open an entry in a browser (the latter for those who are more used to keyboard navigation).
- Fix for pynotify in order to avoid application from freezing.
- Driven mode: new mode for the application to use some kind of intelligence on folding/unfolding categories depending on whether you have read/unread feed entries.
- Fix to render propperly for some html entities.
- Fix to insert new categores in the correct -alphabetical- position.
- The list of feeds will not have horizontal scroll bar.
- Optimization of the feed retrieving function (reusing a good portion of code), plus a workaround to avoid repeated entries.
- New timing for obtaining feeds to be able to choose between hours or minutes.
- Remodeling of the Preferences dialog to suit new options and features.... read more

Posted by jors 2010-11-21

Correction to last new

Ooops! This (sqlite3 package) is only needed if you develop, as it is a CLI database manager (so if you're not, you can remove it).

I have mixed-up things by mistake. My bad!

Posted by jors 2010-11-16

Some important notes about Naufrago! 0.2

The FIRST note is about freezing/hanging of the app while retrieving feeds. This is due to some problem with pynotify, so if you are experiencing this, it is recommended that you disable the "Notification on new entries" option.

The SECOND note is about a missing dependency, both in the Debian package and in the documentation. Although it seems evident, you need to install sqlite3 as a database backend for being able to run the app properly (for storing configs and data).... read more

Posted by jors 2010-11-09

The project needs a PyGTK guru

The app still have some crash/hang and I really need help on this task (as long as for the moment, I haven't been able to solve it). Want to give a hand? 0:)

Posted by jors 2010-09-23

Adendum to the 0.2 roadmap

- Bugfix: lock to avoid editing General category.
- Bugfix: Remove html characters and new line in the titles of the entries.
- Bugfixes: When importing and exporting feed lists (thanks Jcasas!).
- Bugfixes: Many bugs that emerged during development of this new version (thanks again Jcasas!).
- Improvements: entries obtention thread, the script to launch the app
meets now the LSB, icons contextual category (open/closed category folders), positioning the top of the list when a feed is selected, the size of the list of feed's window now gets saved, keyboard accelerators were 'common-sensed'.
- Script to update the database format.
- Preferences dialog has been restructured.
- Finally, we have implemented more threads in other processes (in instance, the import feeds function; no more blocking!).

Posted by jors 2010-09-23

Naufrago! 0.2 roadmap

Here are some points planned for the 0.2 version:

- Graphical fix: empty space between the main window and the menubar (thanks to Icaria, through GnomeFiles).

- Render fix: strip html and newline tags in entry titles (thanks to Vicente Ruiz, through SourceForge).

- Date parsing entries fix (thanks to Vicente Ruiz, through SourceForge).

- Possible fix in font rendering. Strings converted to utf8 to avoid some PangoWarnings.... read more

Posted by jors 2010-08-07