How to ignore files


  • Anonymous

    I am pointing NaturalDocs at our javascript directory to generate our client-
    side code docs. It doesn't really make sense to generate docs for the jQuery
    and other 3rd party files - is there a simple way to say "ignore all jquery*

  • Greg Valure
    Greg Valure

    Only by folder, not by file name. Use the -xi command line option.

    Since JavaScript has basic language support they won't show up in the output
    unless they're documented in Natural Docs' style anyway.

  • Unfortunately, some of the comments in the jQuery file are "caught" by the "natural style" comment recognition of the Natural Docs and thus the file turns up in the generated output.

    You could move the 3rd-party modules to other directory; I have lib and src directories, for example, and have just the src processed by the Natural Docs.