#111 unrecognized character



I wanted to know if there is a character not recognized by natural doc?
I explain in my code I commented all my methods, and I built in my commentary a historical line that will be advised who has written the method, the date it was created, and thus better able the modification made to the methods. But if I integrate my area historical commentary in my office, this one appears in the literature. Have you a solution?

Thank you


  • Greg Valure
    Greg Valure

    Natural Docs will only include comments that start with a topic line, so if there's some part of the documentation you don't want to include in the output you can put it in a separate comment.

    / Function: Something
    This is a Natural Docs comment.
    / This is a separate comment.
    It will not appear in the documentation.

    // Function: Something
    // This is a Natural Docs comment.

    // This is a separate comment because of the line break.
    // It will not appear in the output.

    The only issue is if you don't have full language support, the Natural Docs comment has to appear directly above what it's documenting, so in that case you have to put the second comment somewhere else. Perhaps this?

    // Function: Something
    // Description
    void Something ()
    // Created by someone on 01/01/2009

  • merci pour votre réponse,
    j espérai qu'il y ait un caractère non pris en compte dans la documentation afin d'éviter de saisir deux zones de commentaire, mais apparemment ceci est inévitable.