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#169 C compiler warnings level

Alexander Ilyin

Would be nice, if you would rise warning level to 3.
It is a bit depressive to see GCC projects compiling on MSVC ordinary with thousands of warnings (for Nasm it just 500-600).
Most of warnings are about conversion from lets say 64 bit to some smaller (these warnings actually are enough helpful, but that is a personal opinion).
I am using Ndisasm in one of my projects, and it is in C++, and due to those warnings (and few other things, caused by C->C++ transition) I can't (easy) update its files to some more recent version of Ndisasm.
With the current situation, I will not dare to try to add Nasm (along with Ndisasm) to my project.


  • MSVC 6.0 logs

  • As I see, GCC does not have a warning similar to MS "warning C4244".
    And I've retried to compile Nasm on C++ :
    errors appear not on those places, where was warning C4244 in C, but in some, where was no warning before; C++ prohibits conversions from 'void*' to 'some*'.

    error on its 'return ix;', due to conversion from int to enum type;
    various mallocs, like in 'addtotemp()', because of conversion from 'void*' to some class or some.

    Interesting to know your opinion (incl. "no, will not be") about C++ compatibility.

  • MSVC 6.0 C
    nasm.exe - 0 error(s), 398 warning(s)
    MSVC 6.0 C++
    nasm.exe - 471 error(s), 7 warning(s)