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anwer me

  • Run and analyze the following program and tell what will be the out put of this program ?                                                                              

    [org 0x0100]
                  mov  ax, 0x000D        
                  int  0x10              
                  mov  ax, 0x0C07        
                  xor  bx, bx            
                  mov  cx, 160           
                  mov  dx, 100           
    l1:          int  0x10              
                  loop   l1                
                  mov  ah, 0             
                  int  0x16              
                  mov  ax, 0x0003        
                  int  0x10              
                  mov  ax, 0x4c00        
                  int  0x21

    • Prints to the screen, "cannot execute binary file".

      What's it do on your system?

      The actual answer to your question is "Ralf Brown's Interrupt List".