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New file releases version


- Bugfixing: NasControl now sends the wakeup-on-lan again periodically and not only one time.
- Bugfixing: After changing the configuration the wakeup-signals are now continued like bevor the changes and the correct icon is displayed
- Tracing: Added tracing possibilites - configurable in NasControl.exe.config
- Changed some texts and corrected translation
- Prepared additional features in future versions: automatically network-drive-mapping (not available yet)

Posted by Derrick 2008-10-02

Bug in Release

Release of all available packages contains a bug. It causes the software to wakeup the configured NAS-devices one time only and to ignore the interval.

This means that the NAS-devices startup, but power down after a few minutes although NasControl is still running.

A new release will be provided as soon as possible, probably in a few hours.

Posted by Derrick 2008-10-02

NasControl: New file releases version

Switches a network-attached-storage (NAS) device from the company Buffalo on and keeps it alive as long as you need it. This is done by sending wake-on-lan (WOL) packages via the network. Deployment via copy & paste, no administrator permission needed.

New version released for both the "binaries-only" and the "including source"-packages.


- Supports now the management of more than 1 NAS-device
- Added configuration interface to configure NAS-devices
- When an IP-Address is given the wakeup-on-lan will not only be sent to the one IP-Address, it will be sent as subnet-broadcast to yyy.yyy.yyy.255. This behaviour can be switched in the configuration-file.
- Supports now the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx for MAC-address
- Messagebox when the configured MAC-address is invalid
- Did some changes in the text
- Some code improvements... read more

Posted by Derrick 2008-09-30

New file releases version

Today NasControl released in version Now english and german language is supported.

I added 2 commandline tools (console applications):
wol.exe for wakeup-on-lan and sleep.exe to let the thread sleep for a duration.
These should support other .NET Frameworks (Mono) unlike the Microsoft.Windows.Form application NasControl.exe.

Posted by Derrick 2008-09-18