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#109 A Linux version

Chris Maxwell
World Wind (80)

A Linux version?


  • Alex Handy
    Alex Handy

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    Does anyone know how difficult making this run under Mono
    would be?


  • 2005-08-25

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    There is significant interest in this.
    I want to add my voice in requesting this possibility.

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    Here Here

  • tom

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    I dont think that mono supports the .net framework does
    it??? sry dont know much about mono, im a windows user :-
    b but also does it support managed directx????

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    tomd123: The goal of Mono is to implement precisely the .NET
    Framework API. While Mono is not (yet) 100% compatible, it's
    pretty good. (Check out <a

    As for the DirectX calls, I believe those will have to be
    translated to OpenGL. (I do not believe the fact that it is
    managed code should make a difference.)


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    For random Unics (Linux, *BSD), oh yes, please.
    Hm, is it possible to compile this NASA World Wind Sourcecode
    with gcc and OpenGlide and mono?

    Greetings, Fusselbaer

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    hi, I would just like to add that I was also about to
    request a multi platform version of worldwind, so that it
    works also for non-Win32 OS, so please consider this a vote ;-)



  • pvbrowser

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    Applications like Worldwind or Google earth
    must run on Linux/Unix/OS-X/Windows

    This should be considered "state of the art".

    Our "not as popular project"
    does so.

  • Philipp

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    Yes, that would be really great!
    And as it is OSS that should not be a huge problem...

    But it's better than G**gle Earth anyway!! ;-P

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    i want to run this in linux, please do provide a OpenGL/Mono

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    Mono is not a way to port windows programs to linux!

    Mono is to run clx programs (written in c# and friends).

    What the project needs is a port from DirectX to opengl.

    If you want it to run on windows right now. It'll probably
    run with http://www.transgaming.com/ but you have to pay for
    that software.

    I'm about to try it with pure wine... http://www.winehq.com/
    (not expecting too much though).

    Also I'm running with AMD64 archecture. I don't know why I'm
    bothering to download it even :)

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    Forgive my last stupid comment. Better still delete it.

    I didn't even bother to check that this is .net :P

    Port to linux/mono would be hard...

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    It's been over a year now since the release of the windows
    only version. Could we move on and create a linux one please?
    I don't care if we have to begin from scratch, the windows
    version took less than a year, right?
    Meanwhile google released a linux version, if they
    understood, why can't nasa?
    Instead of stalling space shuttle launches, get real and do
    something usefull for a change.

  • JnSyMqZu

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    I agree with the previous posters. I would really like to see
    a Linux/*BSD version. I'm on MacOS X right now -- a MacOS X
    native version would be nice, but, for now, I would settle
    for a BSD/X/OpenGL version. And, since my other computer
    is a Linux box, I still really would like the Linux version.

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