#155 Restoring configuration fails
Eelco de Graaff

Hi, i was upgrading from to the 9.2 version, during upgrade i had a fail. Configuration file was saved, release notes showed this could happen. I tried to downgrade and reload the config file. I am not able to import the config file in the 9.1 version nor in the 9.2 version, the upload works, the reboot is initiated and after the reboot the config is not realized, standard passw stayed and the ipnumber is also the default.

I have a software raid configuration running witht two disks and i need to be able to save at least the content.
The nas4free softeware is running on a usb stick.

What could be the solution path, to get everything working again ??

Thanks nas4free rocks but at this moment its down :-(



  • auto upgrade by webinterface failed.
    Cause of the problem is Win32DiskImager.exe used to write the img file to the usb stick. It causes also an error on the filesystem and by this error the upload of the config file is not possible.
    So, the error during the upgrade caused a plan b-b by me to manually install 9.2 by using Win32DiskImager.exe and this caused write error on the usb disk. the solution is reinstall by using a blank disk, and then the upload of the config file will work.

  • zoon01

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