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NAntAddin for VisualStudio / News: Recent posts

New version v1.0.6 published

Fresh new version, fully refactored for VisualStudio 2008.

Posted by Eric Harth 2010-03-29

version 1.0.5

New version available for VisualStudio 2008

Posted by Eric Harth 2010-01-27

Version 1.0.3 published

Bug fix

Posted by Eric Harth 2007-05-11

New version 1.0.2 published

Solution reload automatically refresh default build file. Updated Commons.Utils.Addin library

Posted by Eric Harth 2006-08-28

Version 1.0.1 published

New version with some refactoring (more stable) and minor bug fixes.

Posted by Eric Harth 2006-07-31

Initial release

First version published (v1.0.0)

Posted by Eric Harth 2006-05-17