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Nail Streaming Server / News: Recent posts

Beta Shark

It's been a long time in the works, partly because I got sidetracked by iTunes Match, but the Beta Shark is ready! It's mainly a bugfix release from Alpha Shark. I did include a new music player and slightly different layout. Did a bit of housecleaning on it too.

I honestly can't say when the C-Shark is going to come out. I have family matters to attend to and getting a new music player launched isn't high on my priority list. Nonetheless, it will happen. Look for something around xmas.... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2012-06-24

Alpha Shark

At this point I'm going to attempt to maintain two branches of code: SharkSS and NailSS. They both share a LOT of code. NailSS is a behemoth and does a lot more than SharkSS. But SharkSS is a lot cooler and more like Grooveshark.

That being said, I'm very happy with how SharkSS has turned out. Therefore I've decided to make an official release of it. I'm going to go with a naming scheme instead of version numbers, because it seems like the cool thing to do. Look for Alpha Shark soon. Also, I'm aware of the bugs in the code. Deal with it, first release.... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2012-01-07

A code split

The development of the "shark" UI went great. No, it's not complete. Still a few bugs to squash before i release it, but thats not the point of this update.

I'm going to split the code into two parts: a Light version which includes the classic UI and a Premium (havent settled on the name yet) version which includes the "shark" UI.

The reason for this is that i do not feel that the "shark" UI conforms to the original mission of the project. It nearly requires mysql and a modern browser. ... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-09-09

No releases for now

I really wanted to revamp the UI for NailSS before doing another release. I'm close to having one done, but there is still some work to be done. It then occurred to me that I could do a grooveshark-like interface too... all ajaxy and stuff. So you may see a new release with the new NailSS UI and a long while later a grooveshark-like interface.


Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-09-06

Two point OH!

My 4am build of NailSS 2.0 drops now! Hopefully this build actually works.

Theres a long road to NailSS 3.0. Stick with me, it's gonna be fun.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-05-03

Status of 2.0

IE9 and Chrome were with the program from the start, so no changes needed. Shame on you Firefox.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-04-06

Requirements for 2.0

1. Compatibility across all current browsers for MP3 and common movie formats
2. Better shorter URLs (MCrypt?)
3. Podcasts

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-03-31

Next build

I had thought I made a list of the things that were going to be in the next build. I no longer have this list. All that I am working on for the time being is podcasts. We should see some new browsers drop soon. Hopefully this will give me a chance to get everything tested and release a solid 2.0 build.

We have really come a long way since GNUMP3d.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-03-04

1.7 - "Snowmageddon" build

After being snowed in for a while i started adding features again. Old bugs crushed, new bugs introduced (probably). Enjoy.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-02-02

Grocery List

Goals for next build:
1. remove qt-faststart
2. add webm
3. add more codecs in general audio/video
4. add codec detection
5. optimize encoding
6. fix playlist css
7. short links

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2011-02-02

NailSS 1.6 aka "The Annoying Colors" build

1.5 had some... issues.... enjoy 1.6!

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-12-18

NailSS 1.5 Unleashed!

I've tied up some loose ends, and put together a 1.5 version. This version includes playlists, better user support, HTML5, and some general bug fixes.

I've converted as much to HTML5 as possible, so if the embedded code is not working then I blame your browser. Honestly, the only browser that works 100% is Chrome. I imagine that Firefox 4 won't properly support HTML5. I expect IE 9 and Safari to come through. ... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-12-16

Development Path

I've been staring at this code for days trying to get it to do what I want it to do. Since no browser 100% conforms to standards, it is tricky to get code that works across all platforms and browsers. I've tried to stick to standards wherever possible, but the fact remains: your browser will not run NailSS 2.0... not yet. Chrome comes close, but Firefox 4 and IE9 will have to be released before we see NailSS in all it's glory.... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-11-14

To release or not to release

I've gone ahead and implemented the HTML5 audio and video players. I'm happy with the results, but still kind of think that it needs some more QA before I hand out a release. Feels like its 95% ready.

No custom playlists.... not yet.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-11-13

Development continues...

I've been watching the happenings on the HTML5 horizon. After a *thorough* review of available HTML5 audio players I have found one that I really like. It's going to take some tweaking to get perfect, but I can say this... OGG support has returned! As the major browser makers incorporate more codecs into their product, NailSS will adopt them.

HTML5 video is on the horizon too. I've got some candidates, which means that NailSS will also expand its video compatibility as well. ... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-11-12

Roadmap from here

I've completed a release that is more like a bug fix. Some things have changed, and if you are a big OGG or Winamp fan you may not want to upgrade. There have been some speed improvements in the code, but at the same time there have been some slowdowns. All in all, its a dot release.

From here we will see what the HTML5 world brings us. I'll keep the code up to date. There are some features such as custom playlists which I would like to see implemented. Otherwise there isnt much on the horizon.... read more

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-08-14

Project Update 8/12/2010

This project is in a sort of hibernation for now. There is some work going on in the background to increase security and add features. All in all though, the next release wont seem so different from the one currently published.

The technology is changing with HTML5 and such. The Vorbis player doesnt really do it's job, and I can't say that I'm in love with the flash based MP3 player. Im waiting to see what kind of support comes out with HTML5 and if it's good i will integrate that in. Otherwise, its a waiting game.

Posted by Dan Nahmensen 2010-08-12