NagVis 1.4.5 released

NagVis 1.4.5 has just been released. Basically it is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes concerning the installer and automap but it also includes two really interesting new features. These changes are backports from the still unstable NagVis 1.5 code. But we wanted to make these features available to the public prior to the first NagVis 1.5 releases.

The first feature gives you the possibility to configure the weight/coverage of the single states and substates. Until this version it was not possible to tell NagVis for example to let a host in warning state cover an acknowledged critical host when summarizing the states of a hostgroup. Starting from this release the behavior is totally customizable. The weight of the single states during the state comparisions can be configured right on your needs.

The second and more interesting feature is the new backend called mklivestatus. The mklivestatus backend is a new data provider which fetches the Nagios state informations directly from the Nagios core process using the livestatus eventbroker module. The livestatus module has been developed by Mathias Kettner.

The mklivestatus module provides a unix socket for data exchange. The main advantage of this module is that it provides direct access to the status information in the Nagios core without storing any information in a database or file. This way it is extremely fast to get the status information since it is only CPU time needed to gather those information. No disk IO or memory processing at all.

When using the mklivestatus backend you don't need the NDO database anymore. This means when you installed the NDO just because of NagVis you could remove the NDO from you Nagios installation.

To be able to use the mklivestatus backend you need to extend your Nagios core with the livestatus eventbroker module. The module can be downloaded here ( The documentation on how to install the module can be found here ( Additionally you may need to extend your PHP with the socket extension.

For a detailed view on the changes in NagVis 1.4.5 have a look at the changelog (

You may download NagVis 1.4.5 from the download-page (

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NagVis 1.4.5: changelog (
NagVis 1.4.5: download (

Posted by LaMi 2009-11-27