Apology, but hey it's free and a new relase is coming soon!

Sorry it's been so long since updating, been really busy at work. I have made a lot of changes such as:

1. Made NagiosWeb cross-browser compatible
2. Removed some SQL Errors and put in legable error messages when certain fields aren't set
3. Reworked the write config page so you can't restart nagios if there is an error
4. Showed the part of the config file where the error occurs if there is a verification error
5. Added some clean-up queries to the createtxt.php file.
6. Set some default options when setting up a new host or service
7. Removed the ability to add contact groups to hosts and services when you are first setting them up since this was just causing confusion. You can now set the Contact Group after you add the host/service
8. Tons of clean-ups and fixes to the createtxt.php file
9. Fixed hosts.php and services.php for cleaning up the table after a host or service is deleted, before it was leaving some extra rows in the tables.
10. I'm going to include some default entries in all of the tables to try and remove some confusion when installing NagiosWeb for the first time.

Thanks to all who send in comments/questions, I try to get back to everyone when I have the time.

Anyone who wants to step up and help, shoot me an e-mail.

I will publish new package ASAP.


Posted by Josh Konkol 2005-12-16