nagiosgraph-1.1.2 Released

Summary of changes since 0.9.0:

* Update to fix JavaScript navigation menu problem reported (and fix provided) by Alex Semenov.
* Add map entries to avoid unuseful timeouts, etc. from Eric Gerbier.

* Change the calls to RRDs::error to RRDs::error() to maybe fix a bareword error that was reported on the help forum.
* Add more tests (pod and kwalitee checks).

* Fix only process one line bug when used via service_perfdata_file.
* Move all subroutines into and add more tests.
* Separate graph creation from show.cgi into showgraph.cgi (now show.cgi, showhost.cgi and showservice.cgi just build HTML and call showgraph.cgi).
* Update configuration documentation for upgrades to hopefully clarify that the only configuration change in the executable scripts is done via the 'use lib ....' line at the beginning of each script.

* Add test directory and tests for the library routines.
* Add AUTHORS file (suggested by Andrew McGill)
* Add install notes for 0.9.0 on CentOS 5 (from Andrew McGill)
* Remove use of -- in services drop down list (idea from Andrew McGill)
* Add a commented change from Andrew McGill about handling spaces in service name in 0.9.0. I (Alan Brenner) haven't had a problem with this in 1.0.0.

* Add showhost.cgi (by Robert Teeter, shows graphs for all services on a host) and showservice.cgi (shows graphs for one service on all hosts).
* Move common subroutines into a perl library (
* Add a user defined color scheme.
* Add detailed debugging (by perl script, host and/or data set).
* Added perldoc to most of the perl programs.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2008-11-06