This might be a bit off topic, but is anyone using any type of event management or even correlation app with Nagios?  Nagios is real good at what it does.  I point it at a host; I can monitor memory, disk, ping times and the like. 


Monitoring more abstract items is a little flaky.  How do I monitor a web application?  A web application can have many parts ranging from web servers to databases to application servers and the physical hosts they run on. 


I have written some code that takes inputs from many types of sources to actually be able to see the “health” of a service, not just the “health” of its resources.  Currently, my application can accept syslog, snmptraps, emails and Nagios alert messages.  It will then look at the sub of the parts and try to determine what is really happening and alert on that.  I guess I’m trying to take my monitoring to the next level. 


Is there any interest in this?