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N0m3nc_2 v0.1,5 Released! (bugs fixed)

I have just now released the latest version of N0m3nc Build 2 (N0m3nc_2). All known bugs have been fixed and I even found and fixed some new ones while fixing the other ones.. lol..

I also added two new checksum classes: SHA256CheckSum and SHA512CheckSum

The Browser has also been updated, pressing the ENTER or RETURN key on your keyboard activates the GO button and loads the URL in the address field. (I set the GO button to default)

Posted by Garrett 2005-12-20

N0m3nc_2 v0.1,4 released, with a bug..

I just released N0m3nc_2 v0.1,4!

It fixed bugs in the Browser class and updated the HelpGUI to implement the new fixes.

I also made it so the GUI's load the N0m3nc_2 logo from the site and display it as its Icon. The bug, mentionined in the title, is that I forgot to do this with the Browser class. Since it isn't in the UI package I didnt update it.. and its too small of a bug to even worry about.... read more

Posted by Garrett 2005-12-17

N0m3nc_2 v0.1,3 Released!

I found some major bugs with the symmetric key modes and fixed it. Updated the menu's. Added text checksums and checksum functionality for the registry keys.

Added ability to encrypt keys when you are making them. These are to be known as "Safe" keys. You can still load keys made from prior versions, these will be known as "Unsafe" keys.

To break it down again:
"Safe" keys are encrypted when you save them and decrypted when you load them, using Password Based Encryption..
"Unsafe" keys are NOT encrypted when you save them, raw object information.... read more

Posted by Garrett 2005-12-14

N0m3nc_2 v0.1,1 RELEASED!

I have uploaded the files and they WORK this time! For more information visit: http://n0m3nc.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Garrett 2005-11-29

N0m3nc_2 Release Pushed Up

I have finished earlier than expected and have decided to release N0m3nc_2 now instead of waiting another month. I am very impatient.

For more information visit:

%%% EDIT %%%
FTP seems to be down and I cant upload the files. Well technically I can upload the files, but when I add them to the project it says "Unable to read file" or something like that. There is no error on my end, so it must be the FTP server or something..

Posted by Garrett 2005-11-28

N0m3nc_2 On Its Way!

Refer to http://n0m3nc.sourceforge.net for more information on this!

Posted by Garrett 2005-09-27

v0.5,0 Released!

In this new release I have added the awesome power of javax.crypto! In previous versions it encrypted the data with my own 'homemade' algorithms, but now you have the choice to use more powerful encryptions.

When you run the program it will open a GUI window where you can choose which version you want to use: the "Old Version" uses my 'homemade' algorithms; the "New Version" uses javax.crypto, which is needless to say more powerful.... read more

Posted by Garrett 2005-09-24