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check_backuppc / News: Recent posts

check_backuppc 1.1.0 released

After all these months, a new version of check_backuppc is ready. check_backuppc 1.1.0 adds a new option to ignore recent connection errors.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2007-03-18

check_backuppc 1.0 released

check_backuppc 1.0 has been released. No configuration or option changes have happened in this release, although a manpage has been added.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2006-09-16

check_backuppc 0.9.0 released

check_backuppc 0.9.0 has been released with more options to control the plugin's operation. Options to exclude hosts and only check backup or archive hosts have been added. The plans for the next release are documentation and cleanup, so not much should change next release.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2006-08-31

check_backuppc 0.8.0 released

check_backuppc 0.8.0 has been released. While its version number is 0.8.0, there is only one more code feature in the works for the foreseeable future. All that remains is writing some installer, improving the documentation, and further code cleanup.

Input from any users can change this. 0.9.0 is currently considered the feature-freeze release for 1.0, and any suggestions made before then have a greater likelihood of implementation for 1.0.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2006-08-24

First release of check_backuppc

Version 0.2.0 of check_backuppc has now been released. Improvements over yesterday include installation instructions, testing, and a help message.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2006-08-22

check_backuppc in CVS

check_backuppc is a new Nagios plugin that checks on the status of BackupPC. It's not quite ready for a formal release yet, but you can check it out of CVS and report bugs or request features.

Posted by Seneca Cunningham 2006-08-22