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Calling all C++ Developers!

My Trade Wizard has decided that, in addition to regular Sunday night meetings, we will have semi-formal "code sessions". During these sessions, all active C++ developers will work together to build the modules found in Document 1.0. If you would like to become an ACTIVE C++ developer for the project, please email me, Zack Skolnik (, with ALL times (in PDT) that you are available to attend. Thanks!

Posted by Zack Skolnik 2001-06-12

Summary of IRC Meeting for Sunday June 10th 2001

Summary of IRC Meeting
Sunday, June 10th 2001

My Trade Wizard had two new developers join us: enrique (C++, Java, Python, JavaScript- sharewatch, JPL,) and demiurge (Web Projects, UIs, Python.) We started out by laying down our Non Disclosure Policy; it was made clear that all developers must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, which states that they cannot sell or use the ideas of My Trade Wizard. The ensuing discussion largely revolved around the best way to monitor for stock-splits. We agreed that this was an implementation issue and should be left for later.... read more

Posted by Zack Skolnik 2001-06-12

Important Releases

Today My Trade Wizard released two important documentation packages:

Documentation 1.0 (Consists of a Module Construction Diagram and Design Doc)

Documentation 1.1 (Selections from My Trade Wizard's business plan-- highly CONFIDENTIAL)

I strongly encourage all developers to become familiar with the project information provided in these packages.

Posted by Zack Skolnik 2001-06-10

Weekly Developer Meetings

To discuss design issues and project development, My Trade Wizard has started a weekly IRC meeting Sunday at 8 PM PDT (11 PM EST) on channel #mytradewizard. Presence is mandatory for all developers (e-mail an admin if you have any scheduling conflicts).

Posted by Zack Skolnik 2001-06-10