#86 Tour List frame refreshes while editing a Tour Title


Meanwhile I use MyTourbook 11.8.2 on Ubuntu Natty 11.04 and I am happy with it since more than 2 years.
One issue that came up recently: when I open the Tour Editor to edit the (top-most) "Title" textfield, then the Tour List frame is refreshed upon every keystroke. My tour list contains a few hundred tours and my 2GHz Centrino is not ultra-fast, which limits typing speed to about 1 letter per sec! And even worse: if I type too much ahead then the cursor occasionally jumps to the beginning of the title and continuous to emit the letters there.

Other textfields in the Tour Editor are not affected. And I am not 100% sure, but my earlier MTb 10.x.x on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 did not have this issue. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that since Ubuntu Natty I use OpenJDK because Java of Sun/Oracle is not available anymore through the Ubuntu package sources.

I am software engineer from near the Zürichsee (not far from you, isn't it?) and I'd be glad to help solving this.
Thank you for MTb!


  • Wolfgang

    This is not a bug it's a feature which has been implemented more than 2 years ago.

    When you enter text into the title field, the modification is immediately updated everywhere where a title is displayed. Therefor I moved this bug ticket into a feature request to customize this behaviour in the pref dialog.

    When you want to implement this feature here are a few hints:
    - the file net.tourbook.ui.views.tourDataEditor contains the field _keyListener which is fireing the update event
    - the best place to customize this behaviour in the UI is to place a checkbox field into the pref page Appearance/Tour Editor

  • Oliver

    (Sorry I missed your answer. I expected to be informed by email)

    I see your point, but:
    1. although the Tour List is redrawn after every new letter, its corresponding title field stays empty until the tour is saved
    2. I would prefer if the title is not updated everywhere unless I leave the title filed, e.g. by pressing Enter

    Anyway I could live with a checkbox. And thanks for the code hints, I will have a look at it! (Could take a while again)