#10 Connections problem


mysqldrivercs works fine for my asp.net app, but the
thing is when it works for a while, then MySQL stop
accepting new connections, if I reset MySQL NT
service, then the app works again, or if I wait for a few
seconds and reconnect to the DB again, it also works. I
am not sure if it's the driver problem or MySQL db
problem. can anyone tell me how to check the number
of connections in MySQL DB? thx



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    I have the same problem. Connections have no timeout using
    this provider. You can check connections by command 'show

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    I have the same problem. I have to read a file in my MySQL
    db and on when he inserted 650 records (file is about 1000
    records) I got an error : MySQLDriverCS Exception:
    MySQLDriverCS Error: can't connect. Anyone know how I can
    fix it or can avoid it in an other way? thx

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    The MySQL driver doesn't control the number of connections,
    because It's client-side. But I think you must take a look into
    MySQL config files to allow more connections. On the other
    hand if your connections are growing you must find a method
    to close them, the best way to control this is to create a
    connection pooling manually in order to mantain a certain
    number of connections.

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