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[r390] by adustman

If the client library is MySQL-5.0 or newer,
enable CLIENT.MULTI_STATEMENTS automatically.
Suggested by patch 1242842

2006-02-25 00:15:23 Tree
[r389] by adustman

* Fix version number check. This will change again shortly.

* Add a close() method, suggested by patch 1226690

2006-02-25 00:01:29 Tree
[r388] by adustman

Based on suggestions from Dennis Allison, who has a
heavily-trafficked site with lots of simultaneous

* if some exception happens during _begin() or _finish(),
raise ConflictError instead of re-raising the original

* if an exception occurs while unlocking the transaction
lock in _abort(), ignore it.

* fix indentation in _finish() for COMMIT. It would only have
affected non-transactional case and was probably harmless.
(store_result() when no query has been issued results in an
empty result set, I believe)

2006-02-24 23:45:07 Tree
[r375] by adustman

Remove BLOB converter for compatibility with MySQLdb-1.0.0 and newer.

Remove some bogus error handling in query.

Use in _begin to make sure the connection is still good.
ping() should reopen the connection if it is no longer good.

2005-03-06 02:35:06 Tree
[r222] by adustman

Bump version.

2002-03-14 20:24:54 Tree
[r221] by adustman


2002-03-14 20:23:58 Tree
[r219] by adustman

Doc updates

2002-02-25 05:53:26 Tree
[r218] by adustman


2002-02-25 05:48:31 Tree
[r217] by adustman

Doc updates

2002-02-25 05:42:03 Tree
[r216] by adustman

Rework the locking, add a new pseudo-transactional named lock option.

2002-02-25 05:10:19 Tree
[r215] by adustman


2002-01-31 17:48:48 Tree
[r214] by adustman

New version.

2002-01-31 17:46:26 Tree
[r213] by adustman

Lock the connection object during queries, or during transactions
if transactional.

2002-01-31 17:39:14 Tree
[r206] by adustman

fix the case where there is no database specified

2001-12-29 02:55:55 Tree
[r178] by adustman

Return DECIMAL/NUMERIC columns as floats

2001-09-07 03:45:35 Tree
[r177] by adustman

Does anyone actually read these?

2001-09-07 03:45:06 Tree
[r176] by adustman

The diff is bigger than the file, so why not the log message too?

2001-09-07 03:44:03 Tree
[r175] by adustman

Expiring minds want to know.

2001-09-07 03:43:35 Tree
[r162] by adustman

Return a lot of extra junk in the column information.

2001-08-17 02:17:38 Tree
[r161] by adustman


2001-08-09 20:16:36 Tree
[r157] by adustman

Import the exceptions earlier.

2001-06-30 00:23:59 Tree
[r156] by adustman

Some minor fixes for Zope 2.4

2001-06-26 03:24:54 Tree
[r153] by adustman

New initialization, help.

2001-06-13 00:15:37 Tree
[r150] by adustman

Improve table browser.

2001-05-25 22:44:29 Tree
[r147] by adustman

Some fixes for MySQLdb-0.9.0.

Try to return INTEGER columns with int(), and fallback to long()
to prevent whining about L's.

2001-05-24 16:16:15 Tree
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