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Diff of /branches/MySQLdb-1.2/MySQLdb/tests/test_MySQLdb_capabilities.py [r671] .. [r672] Maximize Restore

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--- a/branches/MySQLdb-1.2/MySQLdb/tests/test_MySQLdb_capabilities.py
+++ b/branches/MySQLdb-1.2/MySQLdb/tests/test_MySQLdb_capabilities.py
@@ -77,8 +77,8 @@
         from MySQLdb.constants import ER
             self.cursor.execute("describe some_non_existent_table");
-        except self.connection.ProgrammingError as (msg,):
-            self.assertTrue(msg[0] == ER.NO_SUCH_TABLE)
+        except self.connection.ProgrammingError as msg:
+            self.assertTrue(msg.args[0].args[0] == ER.NO_SUCH_TABLE)
     def test_bug_3514287(self):
         c = self.cursor