MySQLdb2 Log

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[80164e] by adustman

This passes all test, yet is still broken and ugly in many ways.
However, a lot of ugliness has been removed.

2010-02-20 04:27:21 Tree
[c0c002] by adustman

Check in some old changes

2010-02-18 23:47:51 Tree
[98d968] by adustman

Reimplement MySQL->Python type conversion in C; much simpler and easier to deal with now. Hey, all my tests pass, so I guess that means I need to write some more tests.

2009-03-30 20:21:24 Tree
[5a7c30] by adustman

By exposing connection on result, decoders can be simplified: Only the field object is needed. Turned on leak testing and found a leak writing BLOBs. removed one of the old stubs in Cursor.

2009-03-29 16:26:30 Tree
[7a60c4] by adustman

figleaf revealed that the INSERT_VALUES regex never matched. Added a test for this, and fixed the regex (forgot to add group anchors)

2009-03-29 00:52:14 Tree
[34176b] by adustman

Add a test. Oh look, it's broken.

2009-03-11 03:17:58 Tree
[7fe4b0] by adustman

Fix #2671682. (from 1.2 branch)

2009-03-08 17:50:34 Tree
[4aaed7] by adustman

test_LONG and test_TEXT are failing but I can't see why yet

2009-02-22 20:38:12 Tree
[f4fd8c] by adustman

Read a default file in the test setUp. Since Python 2.4, int() will return longs if needed so make all long references int as in Python 3.0 there is no more long due to int/long unification (new ints are old longs).

2009-02-22 20:01:31 Tree
[e80676] by kylev

More NOARGS, with test coverage

2009-02-15 07:56:43 Tree
[2d1a3d] by kylev

Update some of the constants and declarations to post python-2.0
convenience functions, increase related test coverage.

2009-02-15 07:26:43 Tree
[df4d80] by kylev

Since tests are easy to run, there's no reason to have them in shipping code.

2009-02-12 00:36:39 Tree
[25c5d3] by kylev

Start converting some some things to METH_NOARGS to save invocation time, add
a few tests to directly probe these internals.

SF Patch ID 2565515

2009-02-07 20:42:50 Tree
[d55bfb] by adustman

Tons of changes from major refactoring/cleanup. This is all really broken
right now. In particular, all results are returned as strings.

2008-03-14 23:06:29 Tree