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  • Andy Dustman
    Andy Dustman

    I suspect you can comment one line out of so that it builds without the C module, but I could be wrong.

    I hope to include your model in the trunk version in the near future, like maybe at or before PyCon 2009. There will be a sprint, but I can only be there for the first day, so I'll have to do a lot of the work during the conference.

  • YAYitsAndrew

    Thank you SO much for the exe and the patches to remove deprecation warnings!

  • l jh
    l jh

    very good

  • Javier Zhang
    Javier Zhang

    shit , unbeliveable, it need additional dll to setup.

  • Andy Dustman
    Andy Dustman

    We will probably have an update RC release sometime in the next week; I plan
    to work on this over the weekend. This will be followed by 1.2.3. After that,
    we'll work on getting some WIndows builds officially available. Probably these
    will be Python 2.6 from and MySQL-5.1 from, for both 32-
    and 64-bit platforms. We still haven't figured out exactly how we will get
    these WIndows packages because I for one do not use Windows and do not have a
    system to build on. However, I have had some offers recently, so we'll see.


  • Anonymous

    nice :)

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