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 This is the legacy (1.x) version of MySQLdb. While it is still being
 maintained, there will not be a lot of new feature development. 
 * A bugfix 1.2.4 release
 * A 1.3.0 release that will support Python 2.7-3.3
 The 2.0 version is being renamed moist and lives at
-Repository list:
+Repository list
 	This is the old Subversion repository located on SourceForge at
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 	repository was forked to create the MySQLdb2 repository.
 	This is the new (active) git repository, located on:
 	* SourceForge: git://git.code.sf.net/p/mysql-python/code 
 	* GitHub: git://github.com/farcepest/MySQLdb1.git
 	I intend to keep these two in sync.
 	Only updates to the 1.x series will happen here.