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myPod 0.2.3 released

The aim of the myPod project is to provide a platform independend solution to manage your mp3 collection, to create and edit playlists and to synchronize them to an iPod.
This release of myPod contains lots of minor enhancements and bugfixes. Most importants are:
* [NEW] Doubleclicking an clip starts playing it
* [NEW] Relocate missing media files action
* [DEBUGED] Fixed problem that prevented myPod from setting year and track in the clip properties dialog under special circumstances
* [ENHANCED] Trippled performance of sorting clips in the clips table
* [ENHANCED] iTunesDB is now read and written much faster
* [ENHANCED] Changed playlist dialog. Selecting values for the filters is much easier now
* [DEBUGED] Determining the duration of a clip is now more accurate
* [DEBUGED] Bitrate is now correct detected for (most) vbr clips too (thanks to Olaf Hartmann for the fix!! )
* [DEBUGED] Shortcuts for playing clips now work
* [ENHANCED] Revised (un-) blocking and cursor settings
* [ENHANCED] iPod firmware version and serial number are now read from iPods system file

Enjoy it!

Posted by Axel Wernicke 2003-08-03