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0.4.3-1 released; don't use 0.4.3

Version 0.4.3 is broken - see bugs (news section duplicate sql statement). This is fixed.

Posted by Sebastian Bunka 2000-11-28

myphpPagetool-0.4.3 released.

SSL option for admin connection added.
Bugfixes: password change inactivates the account. No group set for an entry will fail update. Now it will set group to admin by default.

Posted by Sebastian Bunka 2000-11-28

Password Bug !

If a user changes her password, her account will be inactivated!
The update sets the field "active" to empty. What to do: get and from the CVS, or (if you have access to mysql log in as root and do a "update ptpasswd set active='Y' where ptuid=<your_id>;". New release will come soon.

Posted by Sebastian Bunka 2000-11-28

First public release is out

The first public release of myphpPagetool is out. For more information check its homepage at or the projects main page at Have fun.

Posted by Sebastian Bunka 2000-11-20